About the company

Elektra inženiring d.o.o. is one of the leading providers of electrical installations in Slovenia. We have a 100-year tradition in successfully running business both at home and abroad.

Our vision

We are a modern, dynamic company always ready to listen to our customers. We will continue to remain focused on encouraging a professional approach and customer care. Because we wish to participate in the creation and development of the environment in which we live, we are always on the lookout for new market niches and opportunities in the fields of electrical installations.

Our mission

A trusted partner, a good employer, and a responsible company are our fundamental values. We provide our employees with opportunities to expand their knowledge and get to know the newest trends in the industry. Our employees are our greatest asset. Together we improve the lives of people around us, and we take great care to ensure that they can achieve that in a high-quality work environment and supported by excellent interpersonal relations.


Satisfied customers are the company's best measure of success, but certificates improve credibility and are a mark of reliability and expertise. We have obtained the following certificates: Kiwa International Cert GmbH, SGU Managementsystem Zertifikat SCC**, Uneingescränktes Zertifikat, and AAA certificate of excellence awarded by the Bisnode Institute.

Our advantages

Expert and high-quality services

Materials of the highest quality

Timely execution


Expert services, maintenance, and support

Professional relations with investors

Our primary service

Electrical installations are our primary service, and we celebrate hundred years of running the business. Valuable experiences we have obtained have served us in putting together highly skilled teams using the latest equipment and approaches.

High-voltage electrical installations

Manufacturing cable shelves and canals, electro-energy devices, transformer stations, switch boxes, continuous operations systems, UPS (uninterruptible power supply), lightning, electric motor drives...

Low-voltage electrical installations

Manufacturing cable shelves and canals, telecommunication and network wiring, sound and conference systems, antenna systems, intelligent systems, central control systems, anti-break-in and security systems, KNX, and machine-controlled steering...